US Army Divisions in World War II
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Naples-Foggia Campaign

Naples-Foggia Campaign (9 Sep 43 - 21 Jan 44) in the Mediterranean Theater

After Allied bombardment of communications and airfields in Italy, Montgomery crossed the Strait of Messina on 3 September 1943 and started northward. Five days later Eisenhower announced that the Italian Government had surrendered. Fifth Army, under Clark, landed at Salerno on g September and managed to stay despite furious counterattacks. By 18 September the Germans were withdrawing northward. On 27 September Eighth Army occupied the important airfields of Foggia, and on I October Fifth Army took Naples. As the Allies pushed up the peninsula, the enemy slowed the advance and brought it to a halt at the Gustav Line.

Divisions that Fought in the Naples-Foggia Campaign
3rd Infantry division
34th Infantry division
36th Infantry division
45th Infantry division
1st Armored division
82nd Airborne division

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