Normandy Campaign, US Army Divisions in World War II

Normandy Campaign (6 Jun 44 - 24 Jul 44) in the European Theater

Early on D-Day airborne troops landed in France to gain control of strategic areas. Aerial and naval bombardment followed. Then the invasion fleet, covered by an umbrella of aircraft, discharged Eisenhower�s assault forces. Soon the beachhead was secure, but its expansion was a slow and difficult process in the face of strong opposition. It was not until late in July that the Allies were able to break out of Normandy.

Divisions that Fought in the Normandy Campaign

1st Infantry division
2nd Infantry division
4th Infantry division
5th Infantry division
8th Infantry division
9th Infantry division
28th Infantry division
29th Infantry division
30th Infantry division
35th Infantry division
79th Infantry division
83rd Infantry division
90th Infantry division
2nd Armored division
3rd Armored division
4th Armored division
5th Armored division
6th Armored division
82nd Airborne division
101st Airborne division

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