[Conquest of Mount Everest]
[Conquest of Mount Everest]

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1953 British Expedition
Dates: April 13 - June 3
Number of Days Above 17,900 ft: 54
Approach: Southern route
Height Attained: 28,700 feet on May 26 by Evens and Bourdillon
SUMMIT 29,035 feet on May 29 by Hillary and Norgay
Leader: Colonel John Hunt
Team Members: Dr.Charles Evans (34)   climber, assault team
Tom D.Bourdillon (28)   climber, assault team
Tenzing Norgay (39)   climber, assault team
Edmund Hillary (33)   climber, assault team
W. George Lowe (28)   climber
Dr. Michael P.Ward   expedition doctor
Alfred Gregory (39)   climber, stills photography George Band (23)   climber
C. Wilfrid Noyce (35)   climber
Michael H. Westmacott (27)   climber
Charles G. Wylie   climber
Dr. Lewis G.C.E. Pugh   physiologist
Thomas Ralph Stobart   cameraman
Ang Nyima   high-altitude support
Dawa Tenzing   high-altitude support
Da Namgyal   high-altitude support
Ang Temba   high-altitude support
Nawang Gombu   high-altitude support
Pasang Dawa    high-altitude support
Sawa Thondup   high-altitude support
Ang Norbu   high-altitude support
Pasang Phutar   high-altitude support
Topkie   high-altitude support
Annullu   high-altitude support
Pemba   high-altitude support
Ang Dorji    high-altitude support
Phu Dorji   high-altitude support
Ang Tensing    high-altitude support
Pasang Phutar   high-altitude support
Khansa Sherpa   high-altitude support
21 other Sherpas

The first assault team of Charles Evans and Tom Bourdillon left advanced base on May 22 and almost became the first men to climb Everest. On May 26, Evans and Bourdillon climbed to 28,750 feet -- less than 300 feet from the top. Unfortunately, strong winds and faulty oxygen gear forced the two men to turn back. The second assault team of Tenzing Norgay and Edmond Hillary left advanced base on May 23 and on May 28 at 27,900 feet they established camp IX approximately 1,100 feet from the summit. Overnight the temperature fell to -17° F. On the morning of May 29, they left their tent at 6:30 and at 11:30 a.m. they became the first people to summit the highest mountain on Earth.

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